"I see no other conceivable strategy for the achievement of liberty than political action. Religious or philosophical conversion of each man and woman is simply not going to work; that strategy ignores the problem of power, the fact that millions of people have a vested interest in statism and are not likely to give it up… Education in liberty is of course vital, but it is not enough; action must also be taken to roll back the State…"

Murray Rothbard




The top tweets for the Arizona Liberty Caucus over the past week have been fairly eclectic. The Chandler Ostrich Festival, the Flagstaff Liberty Alliance's Americans for Prosperity Event and Super Tuesday II all went viral. The Missouri nail-biter between Trump and Cruz particularly fascinated our Twitter followers.

War in the Apotheosis of Washington

When I read or watch material produced by progressives, socialists and communists, it is striking how everybody seems to be on the same page. The Marxist view of history informs the overall strategy of all of these groups. When Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders chides his opponents for being on the wrong side of history, he is implicitly promoting the Marxist idea that history has a more or less inevitable direction. For the left, Capitalism is just a way station between feudalism and progressivism. Socialists and communists see their ideal societies to a few steps on road past progressivism.

But this view of history is a bluff. The direction of history is not inevitable. History is not a triumphant march from tyranny to liberty. A more accurate view would be that civilization has risen and fallen many times, with tyranny and liberty waxing and waning depending on many factors.

What progressives really have in mind is a well thought out agenda. At each step, the left consolidates their gains. This process is called by many names: the Revolutionary Process; the Socialist Program; or simply “Progress."

In their zeal to raise your taxes, proponents of the Gilbert override failed to comply with the law. The election itself is illegal and unneccesary. Undeterred, supporters of the tax increase are pulling out all the stops to win, going so far as to engage in illegal campaign activities using public resources. That's right. The pro-tax campaign is using your money to swindle you into giving them more money that the budget shows isn't even needed.

Thankfully, Gilbert Public Schools board member, Julie Smith is fighting to protect our schools and your pocketbook. She has filed multiple complaints with the Arizona Attorney General's office so that he will uphold the law. So far, no action has been taken. AG Mark Brnovich has essentially told Gilbert that it's up to the voters and the governing board. Superintendent Kishimoto and her allies can get away with violating the law unless the school board and the voters hold them accountable.

You can hold the Gilbert School Board and Superintendent Kishimoto accountable for this attempted back door tax increase by voting "no!" on the override.

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