Arizona Liberty Business Network

In an effort to reward the many sacrifices Arizona liberty activists have made, we have established a list of certified 100% Liberty businesses!


In order for a business to be "Certified 100% Liberty", business must achieve the following criteria subject to annual review:

1.  Have supported or participated in known and significant political activism for liberty candidates or causes, or have known donations to liberty candidates or causes,

2.  Exercise good business practices and have a positive reputation,

3.  Must either receive direct commission or benefit from the business, or be the business owner,

4.  Received approval from the Arizona Liberty Caucus Board of Directors.


If you do business with any of the 100% LIBERTY business, be sure to mention the referral from the Arizona Liberty Caucus!




Silver Alliance Realty



     David Guthrie has been a full time real estate Agent in Southern Arizona for the last 10+ years.  His experience includes investment properties, single family properties, and land acquisitions. 

Areas of service include most of Southern Arizona including Tucson, Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Vail, Pima County, and Cochise County. 

Mention the code  "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." for coupon good for up to $350 in closing costs assistance. 

David Guthrie Team Leader
Guthrie Knittel Team
(520) 406-4702 Cell
(520) 505-3100 Office
520-628-9281 Fax



Zorn Holsters - Custom Holsters






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